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    Topic: Cucumber

    Make Quick Dill Pickles (Quickles) at Home
    4 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on August 4, 2018

    It’s easy to pick up a jar of pickles at the store. There are plenty of brands to choose from and they are great to keep in the fridge as a burger or sandwich topper or even for a quick snack. I’ve definitely been known to dive fork-first into...

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    How to Make Homemade Tzatziki in your Blender
    4 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on June 24, 2018

    Tzatziki is a Mediterranean yogurt sauce you can enjoy atop grilled meat or with pita and fresh veggies for dipping anytime of year. But it’s a great summertime sauce recipe to have in your back pocket. It’s light, refreshing and has an almost...

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    Cucumber Melon Smoothie
    1 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on July 26, 2017

    When January rolls around I usually break out my juicer and blender and try to balance out (keyword: TRY) all of those holiday treats I consumed from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve. While January is definitely high time for smoothie-making...

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    Shrimp Salad with Dill
    3 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on June 1, 2017

    Once the weather warms, my family has what we call “salad parties.” They are pretty self explanatory - dinner parties with different types of salad (macaroni salad, potato salad, chicken salad, you name it) . I’ll admit, it’s nothing...

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    Greek Turkey Burgers
    2 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on May 26, 2017

    Opa! It’s grilling season and there’s no better way to enjoy this time of year than with a big, juicy burger. While you can’t go wrong with a classic hamburger (or cheeseburger - everything’s better with cheese), the Test Kitchen wanted to add a...

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    Mediterranean Chicken Quinoa Bowl
    3 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on March 2, 2017

    So you made Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken over the weekend and now you’re deciding what to make with it throughout the week. Make sure this Mediterranean Chicken Quinoa Bowl is on your meal planning list.

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    Carrot & Turmeric Tonic
    3 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on January 2, 2017

    January has arrived. Can you believe the holidays are already over? After indulging (read: overindulging) at family feasts and holiday parties over the past month, I’m excited to get back on track in the kitchen. That all starts with my juicer.

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    Spiralizer Thai Vegetable and Chicken Salad
    2 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on August 29, 2016

    A delicious chicken salad can be thrown together in a matter of minutes with only a few ingredients. Whether you combine mayo, celery, and onion or add a little bit of curry powder into the mix, there’s no denying that chicken salad is a simple...

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