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Get your brunch groove back with 8 easy recipes

There is something magical about brunch. For starters, it’s a chance to eat and drink almost anything: sweet treats or savory foods, mimosas or coffee (or both). And because brunch is usually reserved for weekend or holiday mornings, it also offers the chance to linger as long as you like, talk up a storm and catch up with family or friends.

The word “brunch” first appeared in print in 1895, but the mashup of breakfast and lunch may have its roots in English hunt breakfasts—the kind of lavish, multi-course meals often seen in Downton Abbey. Others say that Sunday brunch originated with the practice of Catholics fasting before mass and then sitting down for a large midday meal.

However it came to us, brunch is something to celebrate, whether it’s a Mother’s Day brunch, Easter brunch or just a last-minute weekend brunch with family and friends. If you’re looking for fresh brunch ideas, consider a brunch board, which can include everything from pancakes to egg bites, bacon and beyond. The best part about brunch is there are no rules, so use your imagination. Here are eight great brunch recipes to get you started:

Buttermilk pancakes 

When it comes to comfort food, is there anything better than pancakes? And the best part about pancakes is that you can add almost anything to them, including fruit, nuts, chocolate, Nutella and more. Try cooking up pancakes in one of our nonstick electric skillets or griddles, which make cleanup a snap.

Buttermilk waffles

Well maybe there is something better than pancakes, especially if you’re a kid, and that’s waffles. Like pancakes, waffles can accommodate all kinds of delicious things, including berries and chocolate chips. Our state-of-the art waffle makers let you serve up fluffy waffles at home any day of the week.

Slow cooker French toast casserole

French toast is another brunch delicacy, and it’s even better—softer and more saturated with egg batter—if it’s made in a slow cooker. This recipe calls for 12 eggs and brioche bread and serves 10-12 people with ease.

Multi-cooker sausage breakfast casserole

Add a savory dish to the sweet fare with this spicy breakfast casserole. With sausage, cheese, eggs and bread, this casserole combines most of the items on the traditional breakfast plate. Prepare it in a multi-cooker that sears the sausage and just skip the stovetop altogether.

Slow cooker hash brown casserole

Made with spicy pork sausage, eggs and cheese, this casserole eclipses traditional hash browns and offers a complete meal. Prepare it in a slow cooker and serve 10-12 people without breaking a sweat.

Air fryer bacon and sausage

If you’re looking for a way to make bacon and sausage with less mess, consider cooking these breakfast staples in your air fryer. You’ll get all the crispiness and none of the splatter.

DIY muffins

Muffins add a special touch to any brunch, and they’re easier to whip up than you might imagine. Skip the traditional oven and bake up smaller batches in around 20 minutes using your countertop toaster oven.

Banana nut muffins

Made with bananas, walnuts and a touch of vanilla, these banana nut muffins are a brunch classic. Bake them up in less than 25 minutes in your countertop toaster oven.

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