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Air fryer bacon and sausage

Air fryers have found their way into many kitchens. This popular and versatile appliance comes in all different shapes and sizes and can be used to make so many delicious recipes. A great way to use your air fryer is to make bacon and sausage in the mornings. It’s a less messy way to make this delicious breakfast staple.

For this recipe, we used our stand-alone 2.5L air fryer and our air fryer toaster oven that has a top down heating element and fan.

Cooking bacon and sausage in the air fryer is easy. Start by placing your ingredients in a single layer in the air fryer basket allowing plenty of air to circulate around the food. Be sure you use a pan underneath the basket to catch drippings. Set the temperature at 400°F and cook for the following amount of time, turning or rearranging food as needed:

Bacon – 6 to 8 minutes
Sausage links – 8 to 10 minute
Sausage patties – 10 to 12 minutes

Note: If your oven has a side fan, you may need to add additional time and you’ll want to make sure you flip the bacon and sausage.

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