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Center Stage: No-Sew DIY Scented Sachets with 17 Apart | #Durathon

Tim and Mary Vidra of 17Apart.com are a creative couple living and working in Richmond, Virginia. Both do-it-yourselfers by nature, they are continually in search of simple solutions for living more sustainably — sharing their ideas, tips and tricks for DIY home decor, urban gardening and cooking. Keep up with Mary and Tim’s creative adventures on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Create these simple no-sew scented sachets with the help of little more than a reliable iron, adhesive bonding and your favorite fabric. They make for great small giftables and are a meaningful way to repurpose the flowers and fabrics from a special event into a personal (and useful!) memento.

Tim and I recently celebrated our second wedding anniversary; we were married here in Richmond and ended up saving the florals from our big day. These quick, no-sew sachets have been such a great way to use the preserved peony petals from our wedding,  and they’ve come in handy for a variety of uses.

The sachets also can be filled with potpourri, dried herbs or cedar shavings if using to ward off moths. We made a simple mix of dried petals and lavender buds mixed with a few drops of essential oil for our sachet filling.


  • Fabric
  • Durathon iron
  • Ironing board
  • Cardstock
  • Pen
  • Fabric scissors
  • Thermoweb iron-on adhesive
  • Potpourri

The Process

Step 1

Choose your fabric and match the heat setting to the material on a high-steam iron like the Durathon to smooth away any wrinkles. We chose a heavyweight cotton fabric for these sachets, though a range of options including lace, tulle or other delicate varieties will work.

Step 2

Using cardstock paper and a pen, draw a triangle template in the desired size of your sachets. Trace the template onto the wrong side (backing) of the fabric — you will need 2 triangles per sachet.

Step 3

Cut 3 thin strips of iron-on adhesive matching the 3 edge lengths of one fabric triangle. Still working on the fabric backing, lay the adhesive strips along each edge with the protective paper layer facing up. The adhesive bond will act to adhere the fabric edges together in place of a sewn edge.

Step 4

Using the dry setting, quickly run the hot iron over each strip to activate the adhesive bond. This step will only take a couple seconds before the strips adhere to the fabric base.

Step 5

Gently peel away the protective paper layering on 2 sides of the fabric edge, leaving the third in place.

Step 6

Lay the second piece of triangle fabric over the original, right sides facing out, lining each of the edges up to match as precisely as possible.

Step 7

Run the hot iron over the layered pieces quickly to activate the bond. Allow to sit for 30 seconds before handling since the adhesive becomes stronger as the fabric cools. You’ll now have a triangle pocket to work with.

Step 8

Holding the pocket open in one hand, fill the opening with dried potpourri, gently pressing as needed to make sure the corner is reached and leaving room to close the sachet pocket.

Step 9

Peel away the remaining protective paper on the inside edge and seal the final side of fabric together using the iron.

Step 10

Trim the edges of the bonded fabric for a smooth, even border.

The end result will be a wonderfully smelling sachet ready for placing inside a bureau drawer, piece of your favorite luggage or hung from a bathroom door with the addition of little ribbon. Make multiple sachets, tying together with lace as a small giftable to bring along for a housewarming, hostess or bridal shower.

Tip: Use the same ironing technique with different fabric shapes and fillings to create DIY bean bags, hand warmers and more.

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