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Turkey Meatloaf Sandwich

Yesterday, we made a delicious meatloaf covertly filled with healthful ingredients like ground turkey and handfuls of veggies. Today, we have a few leftovers, as you might, too. If you don’t want to have the same meal two days in a row, try these delicious sandwiches.

Use your favorite type of bread and add a couple slices of Turkey Meatloaf with Vegetables, extra cranberry glaze and mayonnaise. Stack your sandwich and serve it with sweet potato chips. If you want to eat it cold, you can; it’s delicious this way. Or, if you’d rather serve it up hot, toss the meatloaf slices into a frying pan or onto an indoor grill to sear in even more flavor and add a crispy texture to the loaf. You could even toast the bread. Customize the sandwich until it’s perfect. No matter how you make it, we’re sure you’ll love this meatloaf – whether it’s on a plate or on a sandwich.

Turkey Meatloaf Sandwich

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