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Should I Go Pro?

Upgrading to professional-style small kitchen appliances can take your meals to the next level, whether you’ve just taken an interest in cooking or you can already flambé, braise, broil, cure and clarify with the best of them. Are your tools up to the task? Below, find our guide to help you determine whether it’s worth trading up for a Hamilton Beach Professional appliance.

Food processors

A good food processor can mean the difference between chunky chickpeas and silky-smooth hummus. Is it worth the upgrade? Here’s how our pro food processors compare to non-pro models.

Make more kinds of cuts. You expect a food processor to chop, slice, shred, mix and puree. Pro models go a few steps further with their versatility. They offer adjustable blades for making more styles and sizes of cuts; the 14-cup model excels at dicing while the 12-cup food processor doubles as a spiralizer. Both come with dough blades for even more function.

Do less pre-cutting. Sometimes you need to pre-cut your ingredients just to fit them in the processor’s chute. Both Hamilton Beach Professional food processors have large chutes that can fit most foods whole that you’d need to process. Plus, the 12-cup pro model’s food chute was redesigned to fit not only wide foods like potatoes, but also tall foods like a whole zucchini, making pushing the food through the chute more seamless than ever before.


Pro blenders boast high wattages and blade speeds, but what exactly does that mean for your morning smoothie?

Precision blending of tough—and tiny—ingredients. Expect blade speeds up to 140mph and peak powers of up to 1800 watts. At these standards, you can easily turn frozen fruit into a silky smoothie or grind grains into fine flour in just seconds.

Easier blending of heavy purees. Most blenders require a certain amount of liquid to fully incorporate all of the ingredients into a puree, but you don’t necessarily want watered-down guacamole. Pro blenders can do a better job handling thicker mixes because you can use the variable speed control to gradually ramp up the speed.

Pre-programmed settings with timers. Do you allot exactly 2 minutes to blend your morning smoothie every day? Some pro models have pre-programmed settings and countdown timers, so you know exactly how long your food needs to blend.

Hand mixers

Who wouldn’t want less mess and more power? Here’s where pro hand mixers outshine the competition.

Prevent clouds of flour and splatters of dough. The slow starting speed feature lets you begin mixing slowly and then gently increase your speed, keeping the mess to a minimum.

Maintain speed when mixing dense doughs. A powerful DC motor can push through extra-thick or heavy ingredients, like bread dough, without losing steam.

Smoother switching between power levels. The QuickBurst™ feature gives you a burst of speed with the press of a button whenever you need it, like if you’re tackling lumps in your pancake batter. But the pro model offers QuickBurst™ at every speed (choose from 5-speed or 7-speed models), giving you the smoothest and easiest transitions.

Countertop ovens

Countertop ovens cook food with more efficiency than their larger counterparts, but why is it worth upgrading to a pro model?

An integrated temperature probe, so you never overcook the roast again. The included temperature probe ensures meat is cooked to your desired doneness by continually tracking the internal temperature as it cooks. When the selected temperature is reached, the oven will automatically shut off and alert you with an audible chime that your meal is ready. Store the probe in the built-in storage drawer when you’re not using it.

A digital LCD screen that lets you track your food’s progress.The advanced digital display alternates between showing the actual temperature of the oven cavity and the selected oven temperature. When using the temperature probe, it will show your selected internal food temperature and the actual food temperature.

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  1. I have a Flexbrew Mod.#49976, and would like to know if the the K-cup holder needle should have a seal like the the needle and seal on the top cover that punctures the k-cup. If so, I would like to order a couple, but I can’t identify the seal on your web site. Please let me know.

    Thank you.

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