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Cook Like a Pro: 13 Recipes Every Home Chef Needs in Their Back Pocket

Want to achieve professional cooking results at home? We’ve rounded up thirteen recipes that will impress your friends and family, but are easily achievable for anyone who has an interest in experimenting with advanced cooking techniques and a wide array of ingredients.

1. Hollandaise sauce

Anyone who can whip up a Hollandaise for their brunch guests is bound to be looked upon as a pro in the kitchen. You don’t have to tell them it’s super simple to whip up in your pro blender. Get the hollandaise recipe here, then layer it on eggs benedict with roasted asparagus.

2. Roast beef

This peppered beef with wasabi cream sauce is actually pretty simple to pull off, but looks like something you’d be served at a fancy steakhouse. Using an oven with an internal temperature probe makes it even easier to pull off perfectly.

3. Scones

Scones are one of those foods that seem more difficult to make than they actually are. Pull these cherry almond scones out when you are expecting company, and be prepared to give out the recipe.

4. Caesar dressing

A creamy Caesar dressing will come in handy on countless occasions. This recipe is great on a traditional Caesar salad, or up the ante with this grilled romaine version.

5. Pound cake

Seven ingredients have never looked so good. This whipping cream pound cake is great for both serving after dinner or with a mid-day cup of tea. Use the Slow Start feature of the Hamilton Beach® Professional hand mixer to reduce splattering of ingredients during mixing.

6. Whipped cream

Opting to make fresh-whipped cream to top off a dessert instead of the canned stuff seems like an extra-fancy touch, but the truth is, it just takes one to two minutes using your hand mixer (may we suggest this mint green one?) or even your food processor. Get the recipe for fresh whipped cream here.

7. Chocolate cake

Bring this homemade triple chocolate cake to the next dinner party you’re invited to, and revel in the satisfaction when the compliments come pouring in. Get the chocolate cake recipe here.

8. Homemade frosting

Even if you use a boxed cake recipe, no one will ever know as long as you top it with one of these fancy frostings. Choose from cream cheese frosting, chocolate frosting or lemonade frosting (which pairs great with our lemonade cupcakes).

9. Hummus

Skip the store-bought hummus the next time you volunteer to bring the veggie tray to a potluck. This hummus recipe is so simple to make, you’ll be tempted to make one batch for the party and one for yourself.

10. Bread and butter pickles

Adding homemade pickles to sandwiches and burgers are a finishing touch it seems only pro chefs would go the extra mile for. But pro or not, we guarantee you can make them yourself. They stay good in the fridge for up to three months, so you can enjoy them all season long. Using a food processor with a slicing blade is the quickest way to get uniform pieces, fast. Here’s the full breakd and butter pickle recipe.

11. Compound butter

This is another one of those little touches that go a long way if you’re trying to up your cooking game. Mixing up a compound butter is incredibly easy and only takes a minute or two of prep work. Combine simple, straightforward herbs and spices with butter in your pro food processor. Try this recipe for cilantro butter on grilled corn, salmon, swordfish, tuna or fresh vegetables.

12. Pesto

Requiring just a handful of ingredients, pesto is a fresh, zesty compliment to grilled flank steak, corn, chicken or fish. You can also use it to create pasta sauces, spreads for sandwiches and wraps, pizza sauces or mix into compound butters. It’s also customizable—try these recipes for arugula pesto, sun-dried tomato pesto and traditional basil pesto.

13. Bruschetta

Great for slightly fancier get-togethers, this finger food is a definite step up from mozzarella sticks. See how to make it here.

Pro recipes begin with pro tools

Are your tools up to the task? Features like precise speed control, pre-programmed settings and powerful motors to push through any job will make your time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. Review our should I go pro guide to help determine whether it’s worth trading up for a Hamilton Beach Professional kitchen appliance, designed for the serious home cook. Explore the professional collection now.

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  1. I am feeling very intrigued by those scones. I saved the recipe for my next quarantine baking day. Having a goodly store of make on the fly recipes is very beneficial.

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