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7 Appliances Every College Student Needs

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

I’m not sure how I survived my 4 years in college without one. This super appliance puts breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) on the table in 5 minutes or less. When you oversleep and are rushing to class or when walking to the dining hall seems like an impossible feat, plug in your Breakfast Sandwich Maker and have a hot sandwich ready before you can say “delivery.” Have tons of roommates? Get a Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker and make two sandwiches at once.

Electric Kettle

Whether you are making a delicious bowl of instant ramen (a timeless favorite among college students), oatmeal, or hot tea on those sick days when mom can’t come to the rescue, an electric kettle is your go-to. Water boils faster than it would in a microwave and if you find yourself having trouble focusing, give your eyes a break from the books and watch water boil instead. You can see through the glass in this 1.7 liter model and it even gives off a blue hue (it looks even cooler at night). Think kettle/night light combo.

Slow Cooker

What if we told you you could go to class all day long and come home to a hot, home-cooked meal? Thank you, slow cooker. Mix your ingredients in the crock, turn it on, and go (to class, to a movie, to practice, to the gym). Cook in bulk and save leftovers for the week (meal planning is a beautiful thing), or cook your famous dip (buffalo chicken, perhaps?) for the next tailgate. We bet your slow cooker will get plenty of use over the next four years.

Pizza Maker

Oh, pizza. You never, ever disappoint. When you leave for college, make sure this pizza maker comes with you. It cooks up to 40% faster than a regular kitchen oven, so it will really come in handy when you’re in one of those “I want pizza, and I want it NOW” Veruca Salt moods. Better yet? You don’t have to pay a delivery charge or get in line behind the thousands of other students who are ordering pizza on Friday and Saturday night. It’s a win, win.

Single-serve Blender

OK, so while we highly recommend the pizza maker, college can’t be all about pizza and dining hall food. If you want to make sure you’re eating fruits and vegetables sometimes, keep this single-serve blender on hand and whip up a quick smoothie every now and then. The best part? You can twist the jar off the base and take it with you. Whether you’re walking to class or the gym, this portable blender jar is sure to come in handy on those extra busy weekdays when you’re running all over campus.

BrewStation Coffee Maker

If you didn’t have a coffee habit before, college is a good (and likely) place to pick one up. Before those 8 a.m. classes or during an all-nighter, you might need a cup of joe to give you the extra boost you need (or to keep your eyelids from closing). The Hamilton Beach® BrewStation is a great option for students. The coffee brews into an insulated tank that keeps coffee fresh and warm for hours. The one-hand dispensing makes it easy to have a book in one hand, and fill up with the other. Added bonus? No carafe to clean (or break!).

Rice Cooker

For the I-barely-know-how-to-boil-water-let-alone-cook-rice students out there, have no fear – the rice cooker is here.  Whether you want to whip up a batch to eat on #TacoTuesday with your crew or just want an easy side dish option for the week, the rice cooker can help. Simply toss in your rice and water and let it work its magic. What if we told you could also cook mac and cheese, oatmeal, and even bake cakes in your rice cooker? It’s an appliance you’ll use over and over again.

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