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10 Valentine’s Day recipes you’ll love as much as we do

UPDATED February 8, 2021: Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to eat your heart out. May we suggest starting with one of these ten recipes? There’s something here for everyone, whether it’s red velvet waffles for the kids, chocolate truffles for the neighbors or a steak dinner with gorgonzola butter for someone a little extra special.

1. Oreo Pops

These Valentine’s Day Oreo pops are the perfect treat to make with the kids or a group of friends (or the girls for Galentine’s Day) on Valentine’s Day. Everyone can have fun decorating their pops and even more fun enjoying them with a big glass of milk (or champagne).

2. Nutella Raspberry Pizza

We love Valentine’s Day because behind all the cheesy cards is a chance to spend some time with the one you love. It’s also a great excuse to be a little extravagant and savor rich desserts like this Nutella dessert pizza.

3. No-Bake Chocolate Truffles

If there’s one thing everyone loves about Valentine’s Day, it’s chocolate. It’s romantic, sweet and smooth with rich, creamy flavor guaranteed to woo anyone you admire. It looks like you spent all day on these truffles, but we know it only took a few minutes and a little love to roll the balls of chocolate and dip them in your favorite toppings.

4. Sugar Cookies

Skip the boxed chocolates and bake something for that special someone this Valentine’s Day. These delicate Valentine’s Day sugar cookies are the perfect treat to show someone you care.

5. Red Velvet Poke Cake

Red velvet cake has become synonymous with Valentine’s Day. The bright red cake is a wonderful addition to any Valentine’s Day party or date night. Not only is it delicious, it matches all your heart-shaped decorations.

6. Chocolate Fondue

If you want to do something memorable for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day consider adding this special chocolate dessert to your menu. Fondue is a fun, whimsical dessert that is perfect for an intimate dinner at home because it can be prepared in advance and kept warm while you eat.

7. Heart Shaped Pepperoni Pizza

Kids love to get in on the fun for Valentine’s Day, so why not get creative in the kitchen as a family? Use our delicious homemade pizza dough for a DIY party at home this Valentine’s Day. For the main course, we suggest everyone’s favorite – pepperoni pizza. Use heart-shaped cookie cutters to create pepperoni hearts out of deli pepperoni and place them on the pizza, then bake according to your favorite recipe.

8. Red Velvet Waffles

These red velvet waffles are the perfect, romantic breakfast in bed option for an early Valentine’s Day surprise or a fun weekend breakfast to make with the entire family. The kids are sure to have fun decorating with the cream cheese frosting, whipped cream, and red and pink heart-shaped sprinkles.

9. Air Fryer Rib Eye Steak with Gorgonzola Butter

Not everyone’s a natural grill master, and that’s okay. If you want a juicy steak, but don’t want to put much effort into making it, throw it in the air fryer. We like this air fryer rib-eye steak method because the steak retains all its natural juices during the cooking process.

10. Heart Shaped Mini Pizzas

Every Valentine’s Day, pizza chains share the love with customers by making heart-shaped pizzas available to order for one day only. These pizzas are a cute way to say “Pie Love You,” but they’re are just as easy to make at home as they are to order. So this Valentine’s Day, put down the phone and get in the kitchen with your loved ones.

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