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      The Best of Both Worlds: French Toast Waffles

      French Toast Waffles

      During the week, my go-to breakfast is a classic egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. It’s quick (under 5 minutes), thanks to the Breakfast Sandwich Maker. While the Breakfast Sandwich Maker never disappoints, sometimes I crave a little something sweet in the morning. That’s when the breakfast decisions get really difficult. “Do I want pancakes? What about big Belgian waffles? There’s always fluffy French toast. Hmmmm.”

      French Toast Waffles

      The Test Kitchen blew my mind when they told me I didn’t necessarily have to choose. I could merge two sweet breakfast sensations into one best-of-both-worlds recipe. Enter French Toast Waffles.

      French Toast Waffles

      The recipe reads like you’re making classic French Toast but instead of cooking it on the stovetop, plug in your waffle maker. In a bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, sugar, cinnamon, and salt. Dip slices of bread into the mixture and coat on both sides. Place the dipped bread on the waffle plate and bake for 6 to 8 minutes - depending upon how crispy you like your waffles.

      French Toast Waffles

      We topped these French toast waffles with a big pat of butter and a generous drizzle of maple syrup, but you could definitely add fresh berries or whipped cream (or both - yum). Whether you are serving them for a mid-week treat or at Mother’s Day brunch, French toast waffles are a breakfast food merger you’ve been waiting for.  

      French Toast Waffles

      French Toast Waffles

      Belgian Waffle MakerWith an ultra flip design, this waffle maker expertly bakes golden brown, fluffy waffles and gives you total flipping control so you can create restaurant-quality results right at home.

      French Toast Waffles

      Author: Hamilton Beach Test Kitchen


      • 2 large eggs
      • 1/2 cup milk
      • 1/2 teaspoon sugar
      • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
      • 1/4 teaspoon salt
      • 4 bread slices
      • Fresh fruit, sliced
      • Butter
      • Maple Syrup


      1. Heat waffle maker.
      2. In a medium bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, sugar, cinnamon and salt.
      3. Dip bread slices into egg mixture, turning to coat on both sides.
      4. Place dipped bread on waffle plate.
      5. Bake 6 to 8 minutes or until waffle stops steaming.
      6. Serve with fresh fruit or butter and maple syrup.


      Serves 4


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      French Toast Waffles


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