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Thanksgiving Napkin Iron-On DIY Photo Tutorial with Free Printables

Only a few times a year does a holiday worthy of a grand table setup arrive. Thanksgiving is definitely one of those special holidays, and some people work for days (or weeks!) to plan the perfect tablescape. This year, we wanted to add something special to the spread, so we created beautiful iron-on printables anyone can use at home with a few light colored napkins and a good iron. We rely on our line of Durathon irons for craft projects like this, and can’t live without it for everyday clothes ironing, too. In addition to the iron-ons, we included some printables you can use for table decor or pie decorating. The PDF download is available here.

First, you’ll need to download the PDF. Using a printer that can flip an image (meaning mirror it or print it in reverse), print it onto iron-on transfer paper designed for light backgrounds. (We used Avery brand for our napkins.) In our printer settings, this Layout option is called “Flip Horizontally.”

This napkin design is page 2 of the PDF. Once printed, cut out each segment as close to the lettering as possible. Make sure you have a hot iron ready.

Iron the napkin so it lies flat, then lay the iron-on face down where you’d like to place it. We chose the corner because we knew we wanted to pull the napkins through rings.

Make sure to be careful, and press the iron-on with the iron.

Don’t let the iron-on slip on the napkin. Try to keep it steady and follow the instructions on the iron-on transfers package. When it’s ready, lift the iron from the napkin and allow it to cool to the touch.

Carefully peel back the iron-on transfer backing from the napkin. The design should stay on the napkin. Discard the paper backing.

Repeat the process for each napkin.

When you’re finished, you can fold your napkins, place them in napkin rings or – if you’re extremely ambitious – fold them into a turkey shape.

We decided to go with napkin rings. It’s a faster, easier choice than advanced napkin folding.

We placed a napkin on top of each place setting. The table was decorated with other warm, autumn colors that matched our new napkins.

Gold napkin rings and chargers added a little shine and sparkle to our holiday table.

We printed out the other pages of the PDF on regular printer paper. We framed the first page and placed it next to our pie. We cut out the images on page 3 and used them to decorate our table and top our pies.

We then added a few candles and pumpkin decorations in orange, brown and red to match our printables.

The pumpkin pie looked gorgeous topped with a sweet reminder to give thanks. After all, that’s what Thanksgiving is all about. Well, that and the pie, of course.

You can download all the printables for free here. Happy Thanksgiving!

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