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      Delicious Greek Gyros from the Slow Cooker

      Slow Cooker Greek Gyro from Everyday Good Thinking | @HamiltonBeach

      School is about to start up again and we will soon fall back into our normal routines. This means more extracurricular activities, homework and tighter schedules will be in store for most of us. Fitting in a good dinner with the family can be tough as our calendars fill up, leaving us less time to play in the kitchen. Sometimes, we just want (need) dinner to be ready at the end of the day. This is one of those exceedingly easy slow cooker meals you can set in the morning and eat when you get home. Plus, it’s tasty and well-rounded - the perfect weeknight meal.

      Slow Cooker Greek Gyro from Everyday Good Thinking | @HamiltonBeach

      Slow Cooker Greek Gyros Recipe

      Serve these slow cooker gyros with homemade tzatziki sauce. Here's how we make it:


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