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Center Stage: Creating the Perfect Coffee Nook in Your Kitchen with Driven by Decor

Kris Jarrett of Driven by Decor is a home design and lifestyle blogger located just outside of New York with her family. She created her blog to share her DIY adventures, home tips and functional, affordable decorating ideas. Kris can usually be found hanging out with her sweet rescue dog or drinking a hot cup of coffee while she strolls the flea market, but she’s also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Coming from a girl who loves a good cup of coffee, it’s no surprise that our coffee nook is my favorite spot in the kitchen.

Creating a coffee nook that’s both eye-catching and functional is actually pretty simple. In five easy steps, I’m sharing my how-to tips for creating your own!

  1. Start by choosing a coffee maker that fits both your space and your lifestyle. The FlexBrew Single-Serve Coffee Maker is a great choice if you’re creating a coffee nook in a space with cabinets above it because of two great features. One is that the water reservoir is removable. Instead of having to pull the coffee maker out from under your cabinets to fill it with water from the top, you simply remove the water reservoir from the back of the coffee maker and fill it in the sink. The second feature is that the coffee basket pops out at the front to fill with either K-cups or ground coffee instead of opening from the top:

And the FlexBrew is a great lifestyle fit if you have a family like ours where one person likes tall travel or ceramic mugs and the other likes smaller coffee cups – the FlexBrew easily accommodates both:

  1. Now let’s add in a few more of the basics! If you like to use non-dairy creamer, sugar, or spices in your coffee, place them in small containers or shakers to add to your coffee nook. I love sugar and a dash of cinnamon in my coffee so my coffee nook includes both of those in inexpensive salt and pepper shakers. You’ll also need an attractive, airtight container for storing your coffee beans or grounds. I use a small white canister for ours:

  1. Next, find a unique, decorative container for your coffee filters or K-cups. Our coffee nook includes a small trophy cup that can hold filters for a typical carafe coffee maker or K-cups for a single-serve coffee maker like the FlexBrew.

  1. Now’s the fun part! Add a few purely decorative items to personalize your coffee nook and make it your own. I added a small chalkboard art print, a woven tray to corral all of my coffee nook supplies, and a cute heart-shaped measuring spoon for scooping coffee grounds.

  1. The final step is to place your favorite coffee mugs nearby. I simply keep a few of mine on the countertop but you could also hang them on hooks or store your mugs in nearby kitchen cabinets.

It’s as simple as that to create the perfect coffee nook! Now you just need to find a few minutes of time to relax and enjoy your morning coffee. While I tend to grab my coffee and go on weekdays, on weekends I love getting snuggled into our living room couch with a cup of coffee and breakfast treat within reach.

Where is your favorite spot to relax and enjoy your morning coffee?

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