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Master the daily grind with pour-over coffee

For some of us, coffee is more than a mere morning ritual. Instead, it’s an experience that awakens your senses, lifts your spirits, and gives you the jolt of energy needed to kick off your day. From automatic drip coffee makers to espresso machines, there are plenty of options to help you master the daily grind. But if you’re looking for a new way to get your fix, the complex and full-bodied flavor of pour-over coffee might be just what you need. 

What is pour-over coffee?

The pour-over coffee technique is simple: hot water is poured over coffee grounds, through a filter, and into your mug. However, as any good barista can attest, there is an art to the process that requires pouring precision, practice, and patience. The temperature of the water, speed of the pour, quality of the bean, and texture of the grind are just a few factors that influence taste. Coffee aficionados say it’s worth the effort to get full-bodied flavor meticulously brewed to perfection. If you’re still mastering the method or just hoping to streamline the process, a quality pour-over coffee maker can come in handy. It gives you complete control without the guesswork, so you can be on your way with a rich and bold cup of joe without a coffee shop pitstop.

The Hamilton Beach Automatic or Manual Pour-Over Coffee Brewer takes the guesswork out of the perfect pour-over by guiding you through the brewing process every step of the way. Whether you like your coffee smooth and mellow or dark and intense, this programmable machine is all you’ll need for a brew-tiful day.

Pour-over coffee how-to

Our pour-over coffee maker gives you two ways to brew rich and flavorful pour-over coffee at home. You can use the machine’s automatic setting to take the guesswork out of the process or choose the manual setting to have more control. The digital display and integrated scale make the machine perfect for novices, but there are still a few things that you’ll need to keep in mind on your quest for caffeinated goodness:

Rise and grind

When it comes to coffee beans, it’s essential to start with a consistent grind in order to extract the full flavor of the beans. Remember, the finer the grind, the shorter the brew time. Strong and bitter coffee could result from grounds that are too fine, and sour and acidic coffee can come from grounds that are too coarse. Finding the happy medium is the first step to creating a coffee-shop-worthy cup of pour-over goodness. For the freshest, best-tasting cup, buy whole beans and grind them yourself at home using a coffee grinder.

Some like it hot

The National Coffee Association (NCA) recommends a temperature brewing range of 195°F–205°F. When manually brewing pour over coffee, the NCA suggests that you bring the water to a full boil, then turn off the heat and let the water rest for up to a minute before pouring over the grounds.

In full bloom

Timing the pour is crucial to the success of the coffee “bloom”. This process begins with the first splash of hot water that causes the ground coffee to bubble as CO2 is released. Proper blooming extracts more flavor and will help you achieve a complex and fragrant cup of coffee.

Automatic pour-over brewing 

With the pour-over coffee brewer in automatic mode, you won’t need a barista-level education to make a cup of coffee just the way you like it. Simply place a filter in the Brew Basket, choose your settings, and press the button.   

Choose your settings

Choose the number of cups you’d like to make (2-8), the bloom cycle, and desired strength. You’ll also be able to select your desired heat level – hot or extra-hot. 

Add your favorite coffee 

Add coffee to the Brew Basket. The built-in scale will tell you exactly how much to add. Next, you’ll add water, and the display will show you how much based on the settings you selected. 

Sip, sip, hooray!  

Press the button, and in a few seconds, your conveniently crafted cup of pour-over coffee will be ready to enjoy.  

Now that you’ve discovered how easy pour-over coffee can be, how about treating yourself to a wonderfully rich and complex cup of coffee that goes beyond your standard brew. Learn more about the Hamilton Beach Automatic or Manual Pour-Over Coffee Brewer. 

Rich and bold or smooth and mellow? How do you like your morning cup of joe? Let us know by tagging @hamiltonbeach on Instagram and Facebook.

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