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Center Stage: Banana Peach Green Smoothie with A Simple Pantry

Karly Gomez is the no-nonsense blogger at A Simple Pantry who writes about anything that catches her fancy (especially delicious food) in a serious and silly fashion that is uniquely her own. She lives in Phoenix with her husband and four daughters, where they enjoy cooking, DIY projects and having a lot of fun. You can find Karly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

I need this banana peach green smoothie like I need air, because running a household of six people, especially when four of them are little kids, is hard work. So hard. There are days when I can’t remember what I did five minutes ago, let alone important things like my name or where I live. How old am I again?
Oh wait, don’t remind me of that.

Most of the time, I feel like I need more hours in a day just to get everything done. Do you ever feel like that? It’s such a crazy, fast-paced world we live in, and it can be a struggle to finish a single task sometimes.

So it’s pretty easy to imagine that I can forget to eat, often, and because of that, I find myself more rundown than I should be since I’m not getting the proper vitamins and minerals from the meals I keep skipping.

When it comes to striking back and getting in the groove of happy eats I turn to my Hamilton Beach Personal Blender. Seriously, this thing is amazing. In just minutes I can whip up an amazing smoothie packed full of delicious fruits, veggies, dairy, and even protein, and I can carry it with me on the go! So while I’m off picking up my preschooler, I can be sipping on some banana peach green smoothie goodness. Or maybe a berry smoothie. Or a grape kale smoothie.

Give me allllllllllll the smoothies, am I right?

What I love best about this banana peach green smoothie is that it has a little bit of everything, so it’s more like a power smoothie. Perfect for breakfast, or after an intense workout. Gets you going without getting you down, plus it’s balanced in its flavors and utilizes maple syrup for sweetness instead of table sugar, so there is no guilt with this bad boy!

Grab your own personal blender and whip up this smoothie today, tomorrow, and the next day!

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Hamilton Beach® Single-Serve Blenders deliver portability for people on-the-go. The single-serving travel cup is great for blending portable smoothies, shakes and frozen drinks fast. The ultimate in convenience, you can blend and sip from the same cup. Even better? It’s sized to fit most car cup holders.

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  1. My mornings usually begin with a smoothie for breakfast and I regularly like to change which fruit and veg combinations I use. You definitely can consider i will be making your green smoothie – it looks delicious, thanks for the recipe!

  2. I have always HATED yogurt. And, I thought this was fantastic! I just discovered smoothies, and this was my first one with yogurt, and I was absolutely shocked by how much I liked this. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  3. Could you share the weight measurements of the produce in grams? I’m one who can’t ever get smoothie recipes right when using “cup” or “handful” measurements. Thank you

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