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Celebrate summer with slow cooker barbecue recipes

Cooking meat low and slow is the very definition of barbecue, according to Smithsonian Magazine, and it is as American as apple pie. Barbecue actually made its way to what is now the U.S. by none other than Christopher Columbus, who discovered the cooking method in the Caribbean and brought it north with him. So while burgers and hotdogs on the grill might be the typical fare at summer holiday gatherings, slow-cooked barbecue might actually be the more authentically American dish.

Looking for fresh summer barbecue ideas? simple way to prepare barbecue is in a slow cooker, which is tailormade for cooking low and slow. Whether you leave the slow cooker on the kitchen counter or plug it into an outlet on the patio, slow cooker recipes will free you up to attend to guests and enjoy your own gathering. And Hamilton Beach® slow cookers can also prepare sides, like corn on the cob, baked beans and mac and cheese, or even a mouthwatering dessert like berry cobbler. In fact, with a few slow cookers, multi-cookers or rice cookers on hand, your entire summer barbecue menu could be served up without ever firing up the grill.

Easy Summer barbecue recipes

North Carolina pork barbecue

This time of year, debates rage about the best or most American type of barbecue. If you fall into the vinegar-based North Carolina camp, just reading this slow-cooker barbecue recipe will make your mouth water.

Easiest ever baby back ribs

Kick back and let time do the work. Just combine ribs, brown sugar, spices, salt, pepper and sauce in the slow cooker’s stoneware crocks and let the magic happen.

Texas-style BBQ brisket

Brisket can intimidate some cooks, but a slow cooker will render you fearless. Our easy-to-follow recipes will have you wondering why you never made brisket at home before.

Slow cooker barbecue sauce

Impress your guests with homemade barbecue sauce that’s so simple it will make you’ll feel a little guilty about accepting their compliments. Make it ahead and chill in the fridge.

Sumptuous slow cooker sides

Corn on the cob

Creamed corn is traditionally simmered on a stovetop until every kernel is plump and soft. Preparing this dish in the slow cooker frees you up to attend to other things and gives the corn more time to soak in the cream and seasonings.

Pressure cooker potato salad

No cookout would be complete without potato salad. One of the easiest ways to prepare a large batch of potatoes is with a pressure cooker. Then follow this simple recipe for the classic summer side dish.

Dessert: Slow cooker cobbler

Slow cooker lemon triple berry cobbler

With three kinds of berries and lemon zest, this summery cobbler adds a sweet finish to your fabulous slow-cooker summer gathering.

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