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Build-Your-Own Margarita Bar

It’s easy to grab a table at your favorite Mexican restaurant, enjoy a little mariachi music, and sip on an ice-cold margarita. But it’s a lot more fun to make your own at home. With these simple tips, you can put together a build-your-own margarita bar in no time for Cinco de Mayo celebrations, happy hour, or girls’ night.

I use my Hamilton Beach® single-serve blender almost every morning. It makes quick work out of blending fruit smoothies and the handy travel lid allows me to take it with me on the go. It’s perfect for those busy mornings when I’m literally running out the door.

A neighbor of mine doesn’t use her for smoothies, but rather for cocktails (she’s a smart woman). These single-serve blenders are great for mixing up individual cocktails. And they’re perfect to use when setting up this build-you-own margarita bar.

Put out a few single-serve blenders (we picked fun colors like pink and teal to match our bright Cinco de Mayo decor), with all your favorite margarita mix-ins. Tequila (of course), triple sec, simple syrup, lime juice, plenty of fresh fruit, and salt are a few options. But include anything and everything your guests need to make their perfect cocktail (or mocktail if the kids are joining in).

You could write up a simple recipe for your guests to follow or just let them have at it. Designate one blender for lime, one for strawberry, and one for mango margaritas or just make sure your margarita bar is located near a sink. That way people can easily rinse out the last concoction before they make their own.

Guests can easily transfer their made-to-order margaritas from the blender to a festive margarita glass and make room for the next guest to get creative.

Whether having friends over for Taco Tuesday or throwing a Cinco de Mayo celebración, a build-your-own margarita bar is a great way to get friends involved in the meal and have a little fun. 

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