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Brownie Christmas Trees

Cookies seem to get all the attention around the holidays. I’m not complaining, cookies are one of my absolute favorite desserts (especially when they are dressed up with plenty of icing and sprinkles), but this year I want to switch things up a bit. If we can decorate cookies we can decorate brownies, right? Right.

Bake your favorite brownies and have a little fun in the kitchen with the family decorating them like Christmas trees.

Remove your brownies from the baking dish and let them cool. Then cut the brownies into triangles (these are about 3 inches long). Once your triangles are cut, pipe on leaves, garland, snowflakes, or in this case, string lights – use your imagination.

We scooped green, store-bought icing into a resealable plastic bag and made a makeshift piping bag by cutting the tip off one of the corners. Piping bags make decorating with icing a little less messy (hopefully), especially if the kids are getting in on all the fun.

After we piped on the icing, we added our sprinkles. We were going for a string lights look – just like my Christmas tree at home – so we added different colored balls to the “string” of icing to make it look like a brightly lit Christmas tree.

Top your decorated tree with an edible star and finish them with a piece of candy cane for the trunk.

The best thing about these brownies (other than eating them) is you can get creative and decorate them any way you’d like. Whether you are decorating cookies, brownies, or better yet both this holiday season the family will definitely enjoy getting in the kitchen to bake and decorate these tasty trees.

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