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12 recipes for the perfect Memorial Day weekend cookout

UPDATED May 17, 2021: Everyone loves a great meal on Memorial Day, and it’s the unofficial beginning of grilling season. On this important day of remembrance, we honor those who served in the armed forces, as Memorial Day is, most importantly, a day to honor the veterans that gave their lives for our country. At cookouts and celebrations across America, we hope everyone remembers how our service men and women proudly served and sacrificed for us. Happy Memorial Day.

From burgers to trifle and hotdogs to pasta salad, we rounded up 12 of our favorite Memorial Day weekend cookout recipes:

1. Patriotic Neapolitan ice cream

Layers of red, white and blue – strawberry, vanilla and blueberry. Does it get any more patriotic than that?

2. Basic burger

Sometimes basic is best. A good old-fashioned grilled cheeseburger is quintessential American cookout fare.

3. Blueberry pie smoothie

Keep your energy up with a power smoothie to kickstart your long weekend.

4. Grilled Corn and black bean salad with cilantro lime dressing

This corn and bean salad is a lighter, more refreshing alternative to macaroni salad.

5. Grilled marinated flank steak

Really impress your guests when you slice into a perfectly grilled flank steak, flavored to perfection in our signature marinade.

6. Red, white and blue trifle

A patriotic-looking dessert everyone will love, topped with a summery whipped cream and fresh berries.

7. Air fryer Greek-inspired turkey burgers

Skip the ketchup! These light and juicy turkey burgers are perfectly paired with a refreshing cucumber sauce.

8. Slow cooker hot dogs

A classic favorite. Use your slow cooker to make enough to go back for seconds.

9. Whipped cream pound cake with berries

Another beautiful dessert with fresh summer berries. This pound cake makes for a fantastic dessert and looks beautiful on the table.

10. Banana pudding

Everyone remembers having banana pudding at family get-togethers from years gone by. Bring back this cookout staple when you make our test kitchen’s version.

11. Classic macaroni salad

You might want to make a double batch because many will return to the table for another helping.

12. Slow cooker creamed corn

A delicious and seasonal side dish.

Find even more Memorial Day recipe ideas and inspiration on our Fourth of July Pinterest board.

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