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    Topic: Slow Cooker

    Make This Beautiful Breakfast Casserole With Sausage & Hash Browns In Your Slow Cooker
    4 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on April 15, 2018

    While slow cookers are known for cooking chunky chilis and melt-in-your-mouth pot roasts, they can also help put breakfast on the table. This slow cooker breakfast casserole cooks in your Hamilton Beach® slow cooker and can easily feed the entire...

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    Slow Cooker Easy Matzo Ball Soup
    5 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on March 27, 2018

    If you haven’t tried matzo ball soup, you’re missing out. Think comforting chicken soup for the soul mixed with chicken and dumplings. This Jewish deli staple is a simple, satisfying soup and is a welcome addition to your Passover Seder or weeknight...

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    Slow Cooker Lemon Thyme Whole Chicken
    6 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on March 11, 2018

    Did you know you could cook an entire chicken in a slow cooker? That’s right. It’s one of the Test Kitchen’s favorite methods for cooking whole chicken. Not only does it allow you to keep the oven off or free it up for making sides dishes or...

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    Slow Cooker Goulash
    2 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on February 18, 2018

    If you’re hunkering down for the winter, chances are you’re cooking more at home. Soups, stews, pot roast - it’s high time for comfort food. If you want a stick-to-your-bones recipe that’s perfect for those 30 degrees and below days, make slow...

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    Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole from Everything Erica
    2 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on February 17, 2018

    When a new week begins, a new meal-planning strategy begins. What’s for dinner this week? Will the kids eat it? How much time does it take to cook? All of these questions go into the weekly meal-planning routine. If you’re looking for a recipe that...

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    Slow Cooker Cajun Gumbo
    2 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on February 6, 2018

    If you’re celebrating Mardi Gras, you have to put this slow cooker cajun gumbo on your Fat Tuesday menu. Not only is gumbo a staple stew of the bayou, it’s also a classic southern comfort food dish you can serve throughout the winter.

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    Slow Cooker Mardi Gras Muffuletta Dip
    2 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on February 4, 2018

    It’s Carnival season and there’s no shortage of delicious food to enjoy before, during, and after Fat Tuesday. If you’re having a Mardi Gras party, this slow cooker muffuletta dip is the perfect appetizer to serve to your krewe.

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    4-Ingredient Slow Cooker Mesquite BBQ Pork Tenderloin
    2 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on January 31, 2018

    This 4-ingredient slow cooker bbq shredded pork tenderloin recipe is exactly what you want on your gameday menu. It only has 4-ingredients, so there isn’t a long grocery list to worry about. And it cooks from start to finish in the slow cooker. So...

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