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Maximize Your Brewing Flexibility at Home with FlexBrew® Coffee Makers

FlexBrew® coffee makers were designed to maximize brewing flexibility for those who make their coffee at home. Do you grind fresh beans for your coffee each and every morning? Can you not imagine a time before single-serve packs? Do you drink multiple cups? Or do you prefer to make one cup and take it to go? Whatever your coffee routine may be, FlexBrew® coffee makers make it easy to switch up everything from the amount of coffee you make to the type of coffee you use.

The 2-Way FlexBrew® Coffee Maker offers more brewing options than most coffee makers. To start your day, you can use the single-serve side to brew into a standard-size cup or brew up to a 14 oz. travel mug. You have the choice of brewing with a single-serve pack or your favorite ground coffee. On mornings when you want to enjoy cup after cup, or when you’re entertaining, the carafe side makes a full 12-cup pot. This versatile coffee maker is great for entertaining. Make sure it’s on your counter the next time you put together a coffee and breakfast bar for your overnight guests.

The FlexBrew® Programmable Single-Serve Coffee Maker with Hot Water Dispenser is another versatile product, especially if there are both coffee and tea drinkers in your family. Whatever your preference,  the FlexBrew® Programmable Single-Serve Coffee Maker with Hot Water Dispenser is great to have in your kitchen. For overnight guests that may want tea or coffee can help themselves to one or the other. The hot water dispenser can also be used to make hot cocoa for the kids or for those of us with a sweet tooth. You can even use the water or oatmeal or instant hot cereal.

The FlexBrew® Single-Serve Coffee Maker is a great option for someone who lives alone, or for the lone coffee drinker in the family. The single-serve coffee maker has settings for either regular or bold coffee and will brew a single cup of coffee with either grounds or a K-Cup® single serve pack. It also comes equipped with an adjustable cup rest to fit either a standard sized mug or a travel mug. This coffee maker would make a great back-to-school gift for your teenager going off to college or be a perfect for a family that doesn’t need to make a full pot each morning.

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  1. Single serve for us. My husband drinks coffee all day but a pot would be too much all at one time.

  2. To the question, which would I choose? Hey, as long as it’s coffee, it’s all good!!! The method doesn’t really matter. I love coffee!

  3. The Flexbrew has freed up valuable counter space that was taken up by two different coffee machines…we had a single cup brewer and a traditional pot maker. Now, with the Flexbrew, one machine does the job of the two previous ones. We like that we can offer friends a choice of different coffees and not have to either make a pot of one “no chioce” coffee, or make different varieties for everyone and even a pot for several. I have had so many comments and compliments on this system that I have bought several to give as gifts.

  4. I bought a flex brew coffee maker, so I could have some flexability. My problem is that repeated cleaning I still get a burned plastic taste and smell in my coffee. Does any body else have or had the same problem.?

  5. March 27, 2016

    We now have our SECOND Hamilton beach flex brew coffee maker model 49983. WOW what a disappointment, our friends in Florida have one,so it seemed like a nice idea. What a big mistake they must have got the only one that works. Our first one leaked water like a Seave so we took that back and had a hard time finding another one but we did. Today we tried our new one guess what this one does not work either. This time when we tried to make a single serve cup of coffee it made a lot of noise and no water came out for the single setting option. We have packed it up and are returning it to the store again. I think this product is a great idea especially for the price point and it’s concept but there are some flaws. I think if if you read some of the comments or used one yourself you could identify with a lot of your customers. Feel free to contact me.

  6. I have had the flexBrew coffee maker for less than 6 mos. It worked well for first 3 mos. Now, it is leaking water everytime I try to make coffee. Very disappointed in this product.

  7. I drink a lot of coffee, I had 2 coffee makers. A Bosch tassimo single serve latte & cappachino maker. I bought the 1st flex brew and loved it. I am on the 3rd version now! I think it is safe to say I will be staying with this brand. There is only one tiny thing on the new version that I miss and that is the ready beep. I get sidetracked a lot (with work).and don’t always make it back to get it while it is still hot. It would be great if that could be added to the next version.

  8. Great concept and machine, at least for the first six months. Now it takes more than 45 minutes to brew 8 cups. After repeted cleanings (per the manual), I’ve lost patience with it. Back to my Cuisinart (so happy that I kept it!). I’ll miss the single serve but at least I’ll have my morning coffee in a timely manner.

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