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Make coffee shop egg bites at home

Have you fallen in love with the creamy goodness of egg bites at Starbucks®*? Obsessed with the frozen egg bites you can buy at the grocery store? You can save money and time by making these delicious bites at home, and with greater variety! Reproduce those popular velvety bites quickly with the Hamilton Beach® Egg Bites Maker.

Maybe you experimented making your own using muffin pans in the oven or making large batches via sous vide or pressure cooker, but those methods are time-consuming and take a bit more preparation than using the new egg bites maker. The cute little cooker comes in bright sunny colors and is so compact, it fits easily in a kitchen cabinet or drawer. The removable egg tray can cook up to two bites or make two poached eggs.

Create the perfect combination of ingredients for your customized egg bites. Basic bites use an egg, cheese and meat of your choice. Our copycat coffee shop recipe has a secret ingredient to achieve the creamy texture of those bites (hint, we added a little cream cheese.) Want a lower fat version? Use egg whites and veggies for custom egg white bites and veggie bites. Add spinach, roasted red peppers, broccoli, or onions.

Other favorite ingredients are sausage, plant-based proteins, cheddar cheese, goat cheese, feta cheese, and herbs such as basil or thyme. Spice them up with jalapeños, salsa, or hot sauce. Pair up something you like or raid your refrigerator and add whatever you see for an egg bite of the day. The flavor combinations are endless. These little protein-packed powerhouses are great for low-carb diets or make a hearty snack for kids and teens. They fit right in on the menus for paleo, vegetarian, or keto diets.

The Hamilton Beach Egg Bites Maker comes with everything you need to either poach eggs or make egg bites, including a measure for the water. It works simply by cooking the egg mixture in the covered egg tray with water that turns into steam in the base. When you’re done cooking, simply put the lid, water measuring cup and egg tray directly in the dishwasher (avoid SANI setting) and wipe down the interior of the water reservoir with a damp cloth.

Follow these 4 simple steps to use the Hamilton Beach Egg Bites Maker:

1. Fill the water cup to 100 mL line and pour the water into the center of the reservoir in the base. Replace the egg tray.
2. In a bowl or a cup, mix the egg mixture with a whisk or fork. Fill the egg cups to the MAX fill line in the tray. Note: If adding cream cheese to the recipe (for the more authentic coffee shop egg bite) we recommend using a personal blender.
3. Cover with the lid. Plug the Egg Bites Maker into an outlet to start cooking. Both lights will turn on. When the green light goes out, unplug the egg bites maker and they are done.
4. Remove the lid and remove the tray from the base. Allow the egg bites to rest for a few minutes. To remove the egg bites, invert the tray onto a serving plate.

Test Kitchen Tip: If cooking a second batch and the Egg Bites Maker is hot, add an additional 10 mL of water.

And if eating your egg bites in the morning, don’t forget about that perfect cup of Joe or fresh glass of juice.

If you make a batch ahead, you can refrigerate or freeze them and reheat one or two at a time when you’re ready to eat. Here are tips for reheating:

Refrigerated Egg Bites:

Microwave on HIGH (100%) power
One egg bite – 15 to 30 seconds
Two egg bites – 45 seconds to 1 minute
Toaster Oven Preheated 350 degrees F
One or two egg bites – 8 to 10 minutes

Frozen Egg Bites:

Microwave on HIGH (100%) power, turn egg bites halfway through cooking
One egg bite – 1 minute
Two egg bites – 1 minute 15 seconds
Toaster Oven Preheated 350 degrees F
One or two egg bites – 15 to 20 minutes

Test Kitchen Note: Microwave times were tested with a 1000 watt microwave oven, adjust time as needed.

With the versatile nature of the egg bite, the flavor possibilities are almost endless. What variations have you made?! Let us know by leaving a comment below or taking a photo and tagging @hamiltonbeach on Facebook or @hamiltonbeach on Instagram.

* Starbucks is a registered trademark of Starbucks Corporation. Use of the Starbucks trademark does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by Starbucks Corporation.

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