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How to protect a pie crust from burning

The edge of a pie crust always browns quicker than the rest of the pie, which can cause a burned crust and a ruined dessert. You can purchase a pie shield, but did you know it’s really simple to make your own from aluminum foil? Just add the foil protector at the beginning of baking when the pie is not too hot to easily fold over the edge, and remove it for the final 20 minutes of baking time. Follow these Test Kitchen tips to see how it’s done.

1. Cut a large piece foil in a square that is big enough to cover the entire pie.

2. Fold the aluminum foil in half.

3. And then fold into quarters.

4. Cut the outer open sides of the foil into a rounded corner.

5. Then cut the center, following the same curve, until you have about two inches of foil remaining. Discard the scraps.

6. Carefully unfold the foil.

7. Lay the foil circle over the pie, positioning it so the foil circle covers the outer edge of the crust.

8. Lightly crimp the edges, so the foil doesn’t slide off. The edges are now protected, and the pie is ready to go in the oven.

9.When there are 20 minutes left in the baking process, carefully remove the foil and place the pie back in the oven for the remainder of the cooking time.

10.Now that you know this trick of the trade, you’ll be able to serve a beautiful pie with perfectly toasted crust.

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  1. Genus! Thank you for sharing! I have always tried to hobble together 3-4 small strips of foil, and it was always a disaster!

  2. This post saved my pie! I made pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, and put it in the oven without a cover because my sister has mine. I was scrambling to find a way to make one so my crust wouldn’t burn! Thank you, the pies are beautiful!

  3. Thanks for this tip! Like Noelle, I tried to cobble up a shield out of multiple pieces of foil and then made the mistake of waiting until the pie was 20 minutes from done, so I had to very gingerly put it on a hot pie.

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