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How to get the kids to drink more water—and like it

Few things are as fundamental to good health as simple water, which makes up 60 percent of the human body. Even our bones are 31 percent water. No wonder the CDC reminds us that drinking enough water is vitally important. Water helps the body maintain a normal temperature and flush out wastes. It also cushions joints and protects the spinal cord and other sensitive tissues. With so many benefits, it’s a little surprising that most adults don’t consume enough water.

What’s more, at least 50 percent of kids and teens are often dehydrated, according to a Harvard study. Inadequate water intake in kids can contribute to obesity, affect school performance and lead to other unhealthy habits. WebMD details the many reasons why kids don’t consume enough of the stuff. One reason is taste: kids sometimes don’t like the taste of the water they’re given to drink, or they find it boring. Older children may worry about the cleanliness and quality of water coming out of the taps at school or at home.

On this last count, the kids have a point. Although the US has one of the safest water supplies in the world, with more than 90 percent of water systems meeting EPA standards, there are still gaps in the availability of clean drinking water. Even if the water coming out of your tap is up to snuff, the chemicals added to make that water safe may affect its taste. This is where AquaFusion™, the new water filtration system by Hamilton Beach, can change the game by making drinking water both safer and tastier. AquaFusion filters out more than 70 contaminants*, including lead, which is permitted in small amounts in the US water supply, and chlorine, which can negatively affect the smell and taste of water.

One great filter, three great flavors kids will love

Although there are many tap water filters on the market, including many countertop water filters, AquaFusion has some distinct advantages. For starters, most filters on the market reduce chlorine, particulates, mercury and cadmium, but AquaFusion also removes lead, cysts and 60 other harmful contaminants. It’s also faster than many systems, filtering a 12-ounce glass of water in just 45 seconds. And AquaFusion, a countertop water dispenser, allows the user to filter one glass of water or an entire carafe, which can be easily chilled in the fridge.

And those kids who aren’t drinking enough water? AquaFusion is a flavorful, colorful solution to that problem. This versatile appliance can dispense not just filtered water but flavored water as well. Just insert any of three flavor cartridges—Meyer Lemon, Strawberry Watermelon or Raspberry Lime—and enjoy a fruity, sugar-free, zero-calorie beverage. Natural flavors and colorings are used, so AquaFusion is an easy, healthy way to get everyone in the habit of drinking more water.

How much water do kids need?

2 to 4 cups for toddlers

5 cups for kids 4-8 years old

7 to 8 cups for kids 9-13

8 to 11 cups for kids 14 and up

Source: WebMD

And adults?

11.5 cups for women

15.5 cups for men

Source: Mayo Clinic

See Performance Data Sheet (page 3 of the Use & Care Guide).

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