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      How to Choose a Slow Cooker

      Stay or Go Slow Cooker @hamiltonbeach


      There are many types of slow cookers on the market today. How do you know which one is right for you? We’ve created a simple guide to help take the guesswork out of slow cooker shopping.

      Is your slow cooker just as likely to be used on the road as it is at home? Have you wanted to transport chili to a potluck and wondered how to do so without spilling it all over your back seat?

      Stay or Go Slow Cooker @hamiltonbeach

      Stay or Go® Slow Cookers

      The no-spill, traveling slow cooker

      If so, the Stay or Go® Slow Cookers are just what you need. They feature a clip-locked and secure lid with a tight seal for spill-resistant travel. Full-grip handles make carrying easy, so you can bring your next batch of chili just about anywhere.

      No matter how much you try, are you always running late? Do you want to keep your prepared food warm so you can finish those last-minute party preparations?

      Programmable Slow Cooker @hamiltonbeach

      Programmable Slow Cookers

      Smart slow cookers keep food warm until you're ready

      Don't worry, Hamilton Beach® Programmable Slow Cookers adapt to your schedule. Once cooking is complete, they automatically adjust to keep your meal warm and prevent overcooking. Distinct cooking modes allow you to create a delicious dinner in spite of any traffic or scheduling surprises that come your way. The Hamilton Beach® Programmable Slow Cooker will take it from there, keeping your meal warm until you're ready to sit down and enjoy it.

      Do you wish you could use a slow cooker to cook a large cut of meat like pot roast, chicken, or pork tenderloin? Do you wonder if your slow cooker London broil has reached a safe temperature? Do you often wish you could cook those low-and-slow recipes while you’re at work or running errands?

      Set & Forget Slow Cooker with Built-In Temperature Probe @hamiltonbeach

      Set & Forget® Programmable Slow Cookers with

      Built-In Temperature Probes

      The probe makes cooking meat easier than ever

      The Set & Forget® Programmable Slow Cooker is the perfect choice for you. It has three options for easy, automatic cooking: program, manual and probe mode. An innovative thermometer probe lets you cook food to a specific temperature or cook your meal for a specific length of time. Just insert the probe, set the desired meat temperature and the Set & Forget® Slow Cooker automatically shifts to keep warm when the temperature is reached. This way, you never overcook your roast and you know it has reached the proper temperature.

      Do you worry about overcooking your six-hour pot roast recipe when you know you’ll be gone for ten hours? Do you want to make an eight-hour slow cooker recipe, but dinner is in four hours? Have you ever passed on a recipe because the slow cooking time wasn’t convenient for your schedule?

      Intellitime Slow Cooker @hamiltonbeach

      IntelliTime™ Mode Slow Cookers

      Finally, cooking time flexibility that adjusts to your schedule

      If so, you’ll love the IntelliTime™ Slow Cooker. This unique mode allows you to select a longer or shorter cooking time than what the recipe calls for, so you can set it for the number of hours you need it to cook instead of the stated recipe time. The slow cooker will raise the cooking temperature faster or slower, depending on your selection. Even after twelve hours, there will be no more overcooked mush!

      Do you wish your slow cooker matched your kitchen curtains so you could make a bold design statement? Do you want to set your slow cooker on a buffet and have it match the party decor? Do you love the color blue and try to buy all your accessories in that color?

      Designer slow cookers @hamiltonbeach

      Designer Slow Cookers

      Extra “oomph” for your kitchen

      If you love eye-catching patterns and colors, then the Hamilton Beach® Designer Slow Cookers are the perfect match for you. These attractive slow cookers feature wraparound heat to cook food evenly and stoneware inserts that are easily removed for cleanup in the dishwasher. Pick one up today and add the style—and the substance—you need to keep mealtimes interesting and delicious.


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