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Happy Mother’s Day!

Being a mom is a multi-faceted job. Around Mother’s Day, we often start to wonder what being a mom means to us.

Being a mom means dirty diapers, spilled milk and morning sickness. Being a mom means monitoring emails, listening for the door at midnight curfew and endless soccer practices. Being a mom is the endless phrases you thought you’d never say: “because I said so,” “because I’m your mother” and “someday you will thank me.” Being a mom is a powerful and profound experience, and it means that we, or at least a part of us, is present in someone else. Being a mom is profound happiness and having someone on your mind every single moment for the rest of your days.

No one can do it quite like us, because there is no one like us. Moms are special and today we recognize that by wishing everyone a very happy and heartwarming Mother’s Day.

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  1. This is awesome.
    there is no one quite like us…we do (sorta) live multiple lives…
    which means we can be happier and more concerned…
    it means we experience the fullness of life, or nurturing, of nature!
    I have only been on this site for a minute and I feel at home!

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    You can find the “Email Post” links at the beginning and end of each post with the other social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I hope that helps!

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