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Halloween Graveyard Party Dip

Halloween is coming up this weekend, and we’re excited about all the costumes, parties and kids trick-or-treating. Whether you prefer your costume to be funny or cute, silly or scary, everyone can agree this Halloween graveyard-themed party dip is a hit.

Despite its appearance, this dip is actually really easy to put together. You just need a 9×13 casserole dish or lasagna pan, a ton of spinach dip, and some crackers, veggies and chopped kalamata olives. Additional decorations like the skulls and pumpkins can be found at most craft stores this time of year.

If you want to take the dip a step further, you can do what we did here, and find a festive tray to set your dip in. We filled in the space between the dip pan and the tray with curly kale. It held everything in place and looked like grass, so it was perfect for the job.

We found a little black tree decoration, an owl, a few skulls and some pumpkins at the craft store. (Don’t forget to tell your guests they aren’t edible.) We made additional trees and foliage with celery stalks, broccolini and chopped parsley. We love the way this section turned out.

To make the headstones in the graveyard, we used crackers with a unique shape. There are many types of cracker shapes out there, so you can use whatever look you prefer. Write on the crackers with an edible decorative marker, and place them firmly into the spinach dip. Sprinkle chopped kalamata olives in front to look like fresh dirt.

If you want, bury your friends by adding their initials to some of the crackers. (There I am below.) Decorate with candles and other Halloween decor and you’ll have quite the conversation starter at your Halloween party!

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