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      Devilishly delicious deviled eggs for your spring gatherings

      Devilishly delicious deviled eggs for your spring gatherings

      From Mother's Day to Labor Day, deviled eggs pair perfectly with spring and summer gatherings. They're the highlight of Easter brunch and the first to go at graduation parties. Whether they're peppered with spice, garnished with bacon, or prepared the traditional way with mayo, mustard, and paprika, deviled eggs are a crowd-pleasing favorite. Here are six recipe ideas to dress them up for your springtime and sunshine celebrations.

      7 easy ways to dress up your deviled eggs

      Is there an appetizer quite as versatile and easy to make as deviled eggs? They've likely graced your holiday brunches, lunches, and dinner tables and may have even stolen the spotlight at your parties, picnics, and gatherings. It's no surprise. Deviled eggs are adaptable to so many occasions. You can serve them at your backyard barbecue or deck them out for your holiday gala.

      While the tried-and-true traditional mayonnaise and mustard recipe never disappoints, it is fun to jazz them up with fresh ideas and add-ins, including avocado, smoked salmon, pimento, and more. The possibilities are endless! For easier prep work, use an egg cooker to hard-boil up to 14 eggs at a time. Simply add water, add eggs, and with one touch of the button, you'll have soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs cooked to perfection.

      Classic deviled eggs 

      You can't go wrong with these time-honored classics, filled with creamy goodness and seasoned to perfection. For effortless preparation, our egg cookers can help you produce a batch of flawless hard-boiled eggs with no guesswork.



      Dill pickle deviled eggs

      Dress up your deviled eggs with a bit of dill pickle for a tangy take on the classic recipe. Garnish with baby dill pickle slices to add a creative and delicious crunch of flavor.



      Avocado deviled eggs

      Add a little Mexican-inspired flavor to your next fiesta with a batch of deviled eggs that pair cilantro and cumin with heart-healthy avocado. Top with your favorite salsa for an extra kick.



      Pimento cheese deviled eggs

      Pimento cheese has long been a southern staple for sandwiches and spreads, but did you know it also makes an excellent mix-in for your deviled egg filling? Add bacon and sprinkle with chives for the perfect appetizer at your breakfast or brunch gathering.



      Smoked salmon deviled eggs

      Upscale your deviled eggs with smoked salmon to indulge guests at your next Easter brunch. Serve as a delectable side or offer as hors d'oeuvres at gatherings large or small. Get a head start on the prep work and use our egg cooker to hard-boil eggs ahead of time.



      Southwestern jalapeno deviled eggs

      If spice is what you crave, jalapeno blended with the classic mayonnaise and mustard egg filling is the way to go. The jalapeno adds a punch of flavor that will wake up your taste buds and please your palate.



      Deviled egg bar

      Take your eggs to the next level with a deviled egg bar. It's a fun and fresh way to serve deviled eggs at parties and other gatherings. Whether you're hosting an Easter dinner, bridal shower, or Fourth of July picnic, a deviled egg bar will invite your guests to create their own concoctions. Popular toppings include diced ham, crumbled bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, dill, and chives. The combinations are endless!

      deviled egg bar

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