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      Barista-worthy coffee at home

      Barista-Worthy Coffee at Home

      May I have a vanilla soy latte, no whip with just one pump of vanilla, please? Wait, I’m in my kitchen, still in my pjs. Working from home has perks like staying in those pj bottoms all day, because no one can see them in your video conferences. But you may be missing the daily stops at the coffee shop without a commute. Never fear, you can make barista-worthy coffee at home.

      What does it take? First, let’s look at what type of coffee you like and what coffee maker you need to enjoy the perfect cup:

      Single-Serve Coffee

      If you are a one cup and done coffee-drinker. FlexBrew® can serve up a cup or travel mug with K-cup®* pods or ground coffee. And, for those who are looking for a single-serve option only using grounds, we have the Stainless Steel Scoop®. Try some of these flavorful recipes for your next cup:


      1. Caramel Mocha Iced Coffee
      2. Crushed Cookie Frappe
      3. Salted Caramel Mocha Coffee
      4. Vietnamese Coffee

      Multiple Cups

      If you enjoy a basic brew … but with refills at the ready all morning long, look to a BrewStation® for better-tasting, fresh flavor coffee for longer. It keeps coffee warm for hours without scorching or burning with its warming reservoir and specially designed internal heatersdispensing fresh coffee much like water from a refrigerator with a press of the dispensing bar. Need an option for a home with multiple coffee drinkers? Automatic Drip Coffee Makers are best for you. Typically these coffee makers allow for brewing between 10 to 14 cups at a time and can offer programmable features. Choose a straight forward coffee maker or a 2-way FlexBrew that can make a single cup OR a large carafe. If using a larger quantity automatic drip coffee maker, here are a few recipes to try: 

      1. Café De Olla
      2. Hot Peppermint Mocha Coffee
      3. Irish Coffee

      Espresso Connoisseurs

      Need a supercharged shot to get going in the morning and a special treat boost in the afternoon? Espresso is for you. However, there is no need to get into an elaborate intimidating process, our simple to use slide and lock espresso maker will have you concocting your favorite drinks in no time flat. Use the milk steaming/frothing attachment to add a leaf or other pattern to your cappuccino or latte. Here a few espresso drink recipes to try:

      1. Mocha
      2. Cappuccino
      3. Latte
      4. Espresso

      Craft Coffee Aficionados

      Do you love the extra smooth taste of cold brew? Swear by French Press coffee? Can’t do without a pour-over? You definitely enjoy the process of making the perfect cup of coffee. We’ve got you covered any way you want it. For pour-overs, you can’t beat a digital gooseneck kettle. The gooseneck gives you the ultimate control in pouring and a digital thermometer delivers the ideal water temperature. 

      A Word on the Coffee

      The best cup of coffee starts with the coffee itself. Make sure you have plenty of the brand and roast you enjoy. Freshly ground tastes the best, so if you can, grind your own beans. The best coffee grinders are Burr grinders. They actually shave the coffee beans as they grind, making sure you get the optimum flavor and the most uniform grind. Read our article about the best coffee making tips for information on beans, grounds, water quality, and more!

      All About the Flavors

      Who doesn’t love wonderful lattes and cappuccinos? We can help with that too. Stock your refrigerator with a variety of flavored syrups as the starting point for some delicious drinks. All it takes is making a simple syrup infused with spices or flavors you already have on hand. These simple syrup flavors are a great place to start:


      1. Vanilla Simple Syrup
      2. Mint Simple Syrup
      3. Blackberry Simple Syrup
      4. Turmeric Maple Spice Syrup
      5. Lavender Simple Syrup

      Bonus Recipes


      1. Turmeric Latte with Maple Spice
      2. Lavender Blackberry Latte
      3. Red Velvet Latte
      4. Choco-Hazelnut Coffee
      5. Raspberry Truffle Coffee

      What is your favorite barista-worthy coffee recipe to enjoy at home? Let us know in the comments below!

      *K-Cup® pods are registered trademarks of their respective owners and are not affiliated with Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. and use of these trademarks does not imply affiliation with or endorsement by their respective trademark owners.

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