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      Veggie packed game day foods

      Veggie packed game day foods

      Game day is practically synonymous with wings, meatballs, and pigs in blankets. But with vegetarian and plant-based diets being so popular, there’s a good chance not everyone in your house is a carnivore. That doesn’t need to mess up your game plan–you can still throw an awesome watch party your entire household can eat and enjoy. Work some of these vegetarian-approved recipes into your menu and hope they last at least until halftime.

      1. Air-fried veggies



      Veggies are a great game-day app if you think beyond the standard carrot/celery/ranch dip grocery store-platter. And using an air fryer to cook them opens up a whole new world of recipes that your family probably haven’t seen before.

      Since air fryers are known for giving foods that crispy, deep-fried texture (without using oil), they’re particularly great for disguising some basic vegetables as traditional deep-fried party favorites. These Buffalo cauliflower bites are a good option for vegetarians to enjoy in lieu of Buffalo wings. If you’re more of a vegetable purist, upgrade your standard corn on the cob with our air fryer buttery corn-on-the-cob recipe. Topped with butter, feta cheese and parsley, it takes just 15 minutes in the air fryer for a crispy, slightly charred finish. 

      2. Chips and dip


      The ultimate game day food, chips and dip was made for mindless munching during sporting events.

      Try this recipe for fresh and spicy salsa – it’s super easy to make with the help of your food processor; all the time you’ll save chopping veggies, you can put towards making bean dipguacamole or roasted red pepper hummus.

      3. Anything with extra cheese


      Okay, so cheese isn’t exactly a vegetable, but who doesn't love it? The more cheese the better.

      The entire family will enjoy these delicious and cheesey recipes for deep-fried mac and cheesepimento cheese and salsa con queso

      4. Deviled eggs


      They’re packed with protein, simple to prepare and make the perfect finger food.

      This recipe for football deviled eggs has a fun sports-themed twist on a classic recipe to set the mood. Want to try something new? Experiment with avocadodill pickle or pimento cheese mix-ins.

      5. Heavier handhelds


      If the game goes into overtime, you’ll be glad you prepared some heartier options. If you’re grilling burgers for the meat-eaters, throw a few portabellas on to make this yummy portabella and peppers sandwich. If you’re prepping a sandwich platter ahead of time, everyone will love this pear and brie Panini or grilled vegetable and pesto wrap.

      Making skewers? Don’t leave out the vegetarians. Try this recipe for rosemary vegetable kabobs.

      Looking for meat-lover options?

      Chicken wings for the big game

      Slow cooker honey sriracha chicken wings

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