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      Top 12 hand mixer recipes + mixer basics

      Top 12 hand mixer recipes + mixer basics

      Hamilton Beach has been in the kitchen for over 100 years. There may be new ingredients in the pantry and evolved appliances on the counters, but our Consumer Test Kitchen still works to develop recipes each and every day. Generations of cooks and bakers have used our recipes to prepare food for their families using Hamilton Beach hand mixers and stand mixers in their kitchens.

      Hand mixers vs. stand mixers:

      If you are looking to replace a mixer or are just starting to supply your kitchen with the appliances you need, you may be wondering why you might choose a hand mixer, stand mixer or both.

      Stand mixers can save you time and energy while providing outstanding results. Our stand mixers are designed for tough mixing and can handle even the thickest cookie or bread dough or even a mountain of mashed potatoes with ease.

      Hand mixers are all about ergonomics and versatility. Handles are built with a comfortable grip, and convenient snap—on storage cases keep attachments and cords together so you don’t have to search for them each time. A variety of attachments come with different hand mixers—from traditional beaters to wire beaters, whisks, dough hooks and milkshake attachments.

      When selecting which mixer type is best for you, think about the different occasions you might be using it. For holidays, parties and large dinners, the power and ease of a stand mixer might be just the thing you need to pull everything off. For quick weeknight dinners, light desserts or quick bread, a hand mixer can make fast work of these simple tasks.

      See for yourself:

      Whether you’re making a light and fluffy dessert or a savory side like mashed potatoes, our mixers are a staple for every kitchen. See for yourself why these appliances have become kitchen essentials by trying a few of our recipes with your hand mixer or stand mixer today.

      12 best hand mixer recipes:

      1. Heritage chocolate chip cookies

      Heritage chocolate chip cookies

      2. Cherry almond scones

      Cherry almond scones

      3. Triple chocolate cake

      Triple chocolate cake

      4. Cinnamon butter

      Cinnamon butter

      5. Root vegetable mashed potatoes

      Root vegetable mashed potatoes

      6. Lemon spritz cookies

      Lemon spritz cookies

      7. Whipped cream

      Whipped cream

      8. Buttermilk confetti cake

      Buttermilk confetti cake

      9. Banana pudding

      Banana pudding

      10. Chocolate chip banana bread

      Chocolate chip banana bread

      11. Easy pound cake

      Easy pound cake

      12. Chocolate pepermint cookies

      Chocolate pepermint cookies

      More ways to put your hand or stand mixer to use:

      Best-ever sugar cookies

      Italian chocolate cookies

      Holiday cookie swap


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