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    Topic: Carrot

    Juicing our Way Through January: 7 Fresh Juice Recipes
    3 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on January 6, 2017

    It’s January again and whether you are mourning or celebrating the end of the holiday season (personally, I can’t wait to sleep), for many of us a shift in lifestyle’s on the way. January is the month we put down the mug full of...

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    Carrot & Turmeric Tonic
    3 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on January 2, 2017

    January has arrived. Can you believe the holidays are already over? After indulging (read: overindulging) at family feasts and holiday parties over the past month, I’m excited to get back on track in the kitchen. That all starts with my juicer.

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    Fall Side Dishes: Spiralizer Carrot Slaw
    1 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on November 2, 2016

    Who says slaw is just for the summer months? This Spiralizer Carrot Slaw combines some of fall’s best flavors into a crispy, crunchy side dish.

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    Spiralizer Thai Vegetable and Chicken Salad
    2 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on August 29, 2016

    A delicious chicken salad can be thrown together in a matter of minutes with only a few ingredients. Whether you combine mayo, celery, and onion or add a little bit of curry powder into the mix, there’s no denying that chicken salad is a simple...

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    Mason Jar Meal: Instant Noodle Soup with Spiralized Veggies
    2 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on August 1, 2016

    Nothing says convenience like instant noodles. Microwaving a cup of noodles gives you the feel and satisfaction of takeout without the cost. But what if we told you that you could make your own instant noodle soup at home? This homemade version...

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    5 Juices to help Kickstart your New Year
    3 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on January 1, 2016

    January is here and it’s time to put away the cookies and dust off the juicer. After months of cooking over the crowded stove and baking in the hot oven, it’s time to lighten and brighten things up in the kitchen. Here are some of our favorite...

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    Slow Cooker Pork Roast with Apples, Carrots and Rosemary
    1 minute read Written by Pat Schweitzer on September 24, 2014

    Your family and friends will think you slaved over this flavorful pork roast for hours. We won’t tell them your little secret, but we know all you have to do is toss the pork loin in the slow cooker with some seasoning, fresh fruit and veggies....

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    Beet, Orange, Ginger and Carrot Juice
    1 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on April 2, 2014

    Freshly made juice is ever-growing in popularity, and as it does, people are becoming more adventurous with their ingredients. Long gone are the days of just apple or orange juice. Now, there are so many creative blends that deliver on health AND...

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