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    Topic: Beef

    Slow Cooker Beef Enchilada Casserole with Mole Sauce
    2 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on November 30, 2015

    Now that fall has settled in with cooler temperatures and less hours of sunlight, many of us turn to good books, cozy fireplaces and hearty food for comfort. Stews, pot roast, and soups are great, but if you want an easy meal with a little kick...

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    Halloween Dinner Ideas: Slow Cooker Chili
    1 minute read Written by Mary Beth Brault on October 22, 2015

      Halloween has traditionally been chili night in my family. Typically there are a few last minute mishaps trying to get costumes to fit, so a chili simmering in the slow cooker is the only part of my day that’s not scary. I know my kids are...

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    Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches
    1 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on September 28, 2015

    Your slow cooker makes tough cuts of meat - like beef brisket - unbelievably tender. That's why it's the perfect way to make these French dip sandwiches. We tested multiple methods of getting the most flavorful brisket from the slow cooker. This...

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    Slow Cooker Vegetable Beef Soup
    3 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on September 10, 2015

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    Slow Cooker Beef with Broccoli
    2 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on September 9, 2015

    Everyone loves takeout, and of course, delivery is even better. But the thing that trumps them all? Having dinner ready within minutes of walking through the door, of course. Strips of flank steak marinate while they cook in a delicious sauce....

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    Grilled Marinated London Broil
    3 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on July 8, 2015

    Despite being named after the famous city, the London Broil is completely unknown in England. Instead, this dish is popular in the United States. To make matters even more confusing, the name refers to a style of cooking and not even to a cut of...

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    Center Stage: Sweet and Spicy Beef and Vegetable Kabobs with Sweet Phi
    4 minute read Written by Guest Author on June 24, 2015

    Philia Kelnhofer is the blogger behind Sweet Phi. She’s all about making dinner time a little easier through simple recipes, how-tos and step-by-step instructions. She lives in Milwaukee, WI with her husband/taste tester Nick and dog Clover,...

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    Reuben Sandwiches Two Ways
    4 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on March 14, 2015


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