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      Not ready for fall? Seal the tastes of summer

      Not ready for fall? Seal the tastes of summer

      The long, lazy days of summer seem to go by in a blink, taking with them the best-tasting fruits and vegetables of the year. In winter we long for the flavor of a summer tomato and make do with what we can find at the supermarket. But what if you could save your summer, or at least the tastes of summer? With a high-quality vacuum sealer, it’s easy to preserve the unique flavors of ripe tomatoes, cool cucumbers, sweet berries and other seasonal delights.

      If you plan to vacuum seal liquids or liquid-rich foods (like those juicy summer fruits), make sure you choose a vacuum sealer designed to seal liquids, like the Hamilton Beach® NutriFresh™ Liquid & Food Vacuum Sealer, which features a patent-pending, dual-stage design that seals liquids quickly and consistently.

      Saving food means saving money

      The average American family of four tosses out $2,275 worth of food each year Why? The most common reason given is that the food has spoiled or is thought to be spoiled. A vacuum sealer can put an anxious mind at ease by ensuring that food is in fact properly sealed. A sealer with an integrated date coder can also quiet that nagging question we all have while standing at the fridge or freezer: “How long has this been in here?”

      Another way a vacuum sealer machine can save money: it encourages at-home cooking by making it easy to prepare food in advance and save it for those evenings when making dinner is simply out of the question. If your family is spending $67 or more a week on takeout, the average amount found in one survey, simply substituting your own “freezer delights” for restaurant takeout could save as much as $3,484 a year.

      Tastes worth saving

      Whether you’ve already ordered your vacuum sealer or are still waiting to be convinced, try these recipes that take full advantage of the flavors of summer. We think you’ll find that food this good is worth preserving.

      Quick and Easy Dill Pickles

      HB_2021_JulyAug_BlogRecipe_DillPickles800x800 alt

      If there’s a better way to save and savor summer cucumbers, we haven’t found it. This dill pickle recipe will have you wondering why you ever purchased pickles in a jar.  

      Refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles

      HB_2021_JulyAug_BlogRecipe_BreadButterPickles800x800 alt

      For those who prefer a sweeter pickle, these bread and butter delights make any hamburger better, and they’re great on the plate next to barbecue. Try them fried to enjoy the classic treat of summertime state fairs.  

      Slow Cooker Fresh Tomato Marinara Sauce


      Summer tomatoes and fresh basil leaves make this marinara sauce something special, something you’ll enjoy even more in the colder months to come.  

      Traditional Basil Pesto


      Basil loves the summer, and we love basil in all kinds of summer recipes. To preserve this herb of summer, whip up some pesto and seal it for a taste of summer all winter long.  

      Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Pesto


      Although this pesto calls for sun-dried tomatoes rather than those fresh from the garden, this recipe tastes like summer with fresh basil, garlic and walnuts. Toss pesto with any kind of pasta and grill some fresh veggies, like asparagus and bell peppers, to mix in.  

      What summer flavors do you plan to save for fall? Let us know in the comments below.


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