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    Topic: From The Test Kitchen

    Make Quick Dill Pickles (Quickles) at Home
    4 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on August 4, 2018

    It’s easy to pick up a jar of pickles at the store. There are plenty of brands to choose from and they are great to keep in the fridge as a burger or sandwich topper or even for a quick snack. I’ve definitely been known to dive fork-first into the...

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    How to Build the Best Kabob
    4 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on May 16, 2018

    The Hamilton Beach Test Kitchen is here to help you earn your grill master crown this summer. These helpful tips will ensure you’re building the best kabob to serve to your family or cookout guests all season long.

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    Should You Dry Brine your Thanksgiving Turkey this Year?
    4 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on November 5, 2017

    Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away so let’s talk turkey. There’s a lot of meal planning to do ahead of Thanksgiving - and the bird is top priority. There are a few things you need to decide before the big day.

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    Beyond the Chop: Mastering your Food Processor
    3 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on June 30, 2017

    So you’ve purchased your new Hamilton Beach food processor and now you’re combing your favorite food blogs, Pinterest boards, and Instagram accounts for recipe inspo. While you’ll have no problem finding tasty hummus and pesto recipes online, take...

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    How to Build Your Own Slow Cooker Recipes
    5 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on February 28, 2017

    Love your slow cooker but stuck in a rut with the same old recipes? It’s time to create your own. This post will show you how to build your own slow cooker recipes with the same ease and convenience you’re used to. The possibilities for variation...

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    Slow Cooker Hacks
    9 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on October 21, 2016

    It’s easy to get stuck in your cooking routine. We are all guilty of it, making the same dishes week after week and season after season. While most of us cook chili, soup, or pot roast in our slow cooker, there is a whole world of recipes out there...

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    Introduction to Sous Vide Cooking
    4 minute read Written by Pat Schweitzer on October 7, 2016

    Sous what? Sous vide (pronounced sue veed) is a method of cooking often used by restaurant chefs. But now sous vide cooking is available to the home cook, thanks to appliances like the Hamilton Beach Professional Sous Vide and 6 QT Slow Cooker. This...

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    Vacuum Sealing 101: Preserve Food with the NutriFresh™ Vacuum Sealer
    4 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on August 31, 2016

    UPDATED April 3, 2020: Vacuum sealing food is a great way to keep food fresh longer, while ultimately helping you save a little cash. Whether you are buying chicken breasts in bulk when they are on sale at the grocery store or storing dry beans and...

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