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    Topic: French Toast

    The Best of Both Worlds: French Toast Waffles
    2 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on May 12, 2017

    During the week, my go-to breakfast is a classic egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. It’s quick (under 5 minutes), thanks to the Breakfast Sandwich Maker. While the Breakfast Sandwich Maker never disappoints, sometimes I crave a little something...

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    Satisfying Snow Day Breakfasts
    3 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on December 2, 2016

    Snow falls overnight and you wake up to find that both the office and school are closed. You crawl back into bed for a couple of hours and wake up to a full house (full of hungry bellies).  With the kids home from school, it’s a great time to get...

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    The Good Stuff: Our 5 Best Stuffed Recipes
    2 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on September 16, 2016

    When I think stuffing I think Thanksgiving day. But stuffing, as in stuffing food with other food, seems to be all the rage this summer. We realized that some of our most popular recipes on the blog have something in common - they are stuffed....

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    10 Recipes for Mother’s Day Brunch
    5 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on May 6, 2016

    Skip the inevitably crowded restaurants and prepare brunch at home this Mother’s Day. Not only can you prepare mom’s favorite recipes, you can also make sure her favorite cocktail is ready and waiting - because what’s brunch without champagne?...

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