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    Topic: Leftovers

    Two Easy Recipes for Chicken Leftovers
    2 minute read Written by Hamilton Beach on September 18, 2013

    This week, we’ve shown you two easy ways to cook a whole chicken. If you didn’t eat that whole chicken in one night, you probably have some leftovers and need some ideas to spice them up. Here are two easy dishes, based on what we like to do with...

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    How to Roast a Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker
    2 minute read Written by Laurie Klein on September 16, 2013

    There is nothing simpler than a whole roasted chicken. Cooking a whole chicken in a slow cooker is one of our favorite methods because it is easy and creates a moist, tender bird. Often, there will be leftovers that can be used in various future...

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